Need an Underbench Fridge Repair in Perth?

Underbench fridges are used in a range of businesses.  This includes most food service places, bars, sporting clubs, retail shops and pubs.  There are two types of fridge; Self Contained (often called plugins) and Remote Condesing.  Remote condensing units have a separate unit installed to the undebench fridge and are connected by 2 separate pipes.

CCR Commercial Refrigeration are Perth No.1 appliance repairers.  We often repair brands such as Bejaya, Bromic, Skope, Orford, Williams and Pinakis.  Usually most repairs are a common gas leak which can be handled in reletively short time.

All our Service Vehicle carry most of teh commonly use parts including, compressors, fan motors and other items to get you up and running in no time.

Call Greg today on 0405 196 403 for all your Underbench Fridge Repairs in Perth.