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Many butcher shops and delicatessans require the use of coldplates for display of cut meat.

The equipment’s refrigeration adapter is where the name “coldplate” comes from. This type of evaporator is very simplistic and has no evaporation fans. The cold plates are used for humidity maintenance in a refrigerated space.

Cold plates are a type of display fridge that are mostly used in Butcher shops and continental delicatessens for the display of cut meats.

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The word coldplate (coolplate) describes the refrigeration evaporator, this type of evaporator is very simple and has no evaporator fans. Cold plates are used to maintain a very high humidity within the refrigerated space.

Coldplate technology has become redundant technology and almost all new refrigeration equipment has a force draft cooler (FDC) evaporator, we only see coldplates in custom made display cabinets and equipment that is usually more than 20 years old.

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