Chest FreezersDid you know that Chest Freezers are exceptional value?  Chest Freezers are often the most cost effective being half the cost of upright or vertical freezers.  They are a very simple mechanical device with minimal moving parts.  They don’t have a defrost cycle are are devoid of moving parts except for the compressor.

Types of Chest Freezers

White Chest Freezers

Similar to the domestic variety they are floor based with a lift up lid.  They are just a larger version of your household white goods.  They are great value and are great woorkhorses.  However even though they last a long time, they are virtually un-repairable.

Commercial Chest Freezers

Usually commercial freezers are a type of display freezer.  They are found in convenience stores, delis and small supermarkets.  These chest freezers have open dislplay (no lid or cover) and a special air curtain to keep keep the cold air inside the freezer unit.  If these freezers require repairs our expert technicians can easily perform repairs.  All  our service vans carry all the common parts items like tx valves, gas, filters and fans.  And if your repair requires further parts (such as compressors or defrost heaters), we have many suppliers within the Perth area who can supply parts within the hour.

Chest Freezer Experts

CCR Commercial are the Chest Freezers Experts.  We have many Fridge Mechanics based around the Perth metro.  We can usually advice you about issues over the phone and our Technicians usually can perfrom repairs within the Call Out period.

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